Friday, May 05, 2006

Females and their firearms....

HPD statistics show a dramatic increase in crime in the Houston area. With this in mind, women in Texas, particularly Houston are takingup firearms for self protection.. Within the last 5 years ladies coming out for instructions has doubled.

Some women are keeping their firearms on them, while some are keeping them at home.

There 247,345 people in Texas with firearms. Almost 1/4 are women.

More and more sporting magazines, gun shops, etc. are cateirng to women. Experts say there is not guarantee they will knkow how to use them, they must take lessons.

Women may be more reluctant in the beginning to shoot, but after training, they are rapidly becoming better shooters.

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Montgomery County's Dumping Ground

The past few years have become a 'dumping ground' for dead bodies. Lt. Dan Norris said the area located off 3083 is dark and sparcely traveled. It is called crater lake area. The most recent body was found just today. The victim had papers indicating a Mexico address but a judge ruled to be caution of believing this information.

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Natural Bridge Caverns

Back in November I took a tour with my geology classmates to Austin. We visited Natural Bridge Caverns and it was quite a sight to see.

Natural Bridge Caverns is located betwen San Antonio and New Braunfels 8 miles west of I-35 at exit #175.

The cave was discovered in 1960 and is the largest commercial cave in Texas. There are several lakes and pools of clear water. THe cave is still an active cave so if you do visit be careful not to touch the formations. It is full of drperis, columns, stalagmites and stalactites which are formed by the minerals in the water dripping into the cave.

This is a fascinating sight and well worth the trip. FOr more information and pricing please click HERE.

8th Largest City in The United States

San Antonio, as of 2004, was ranked the eigth largest city in the United States. WOW! Houston was ranked #4, while Dallas ranked #9, a change from 4 years ago, when it ranked #8. New York still tops the top of the list with over 8 million people. Houston ranks in with a little more than 2 million. Can you imagine living in a city with 4 times as many people as in Houston. Can you imagine what "rush hour" would be if every person who worked had a vehicle... I guess that's why some people take 'a cab' when they live in New York.

With Texas having the three largest cities in the United States, it will kind of make you wonder what Houston will be in 20 years... or San Antonio.

I just thought it was kind of interesting so if you would like to learn more about the city rankings, check it out HERE.

This Day In History...


On May 5, 1981, Irish-Catholic militant Bobby Sands who was imprisoned dies after refusing food for 66 days while protesting his treatment as a criminal rather than a political prisoner by British authorities. His death immediately caused rioting in Belfast, as young Irish-Catholic militants clashed with police and British Army patrols and started fires.

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Eva Longoria's next film will be Deep In The Heart Of Texas in her home state for Touchstone Pictures.

Eva Longoria's next film will be Deep In The Heart Of Texas in her home state for Touchstone Pictures.

The movie is about a spoiled Beverly Hills diva who goes to San Antonio to run the Latin Division of an ad agency. She is completely out of touch with her roots and cannot speak Spanish. SHe tries to win over her boss who speaks fluent Spanish and is more in touch with her culture than she is.

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NASA needs to recruit new workers.....

NASA' workforce is slimming down and they do not have a plan in place to recruit new workers. Typically they hire people who have a few years of experience and older, more mature workers versus those right out of college.

The agency lacks a long-term plan for luring qualified workers to help send astronauts to the moon and Mars. "They actually don't have a strategy," said Daniel Hastings an MIT aeronautics professor, who co-chaired the panel of aerospace industry experts who wrote the report. "They're too focused on the short term."

"NASA's 18,400 workers, along with the tens of thousands of contract employees, face the end of the space shuttle program in 2010 and the development of next-generation vehicles that will allow astronauts to go back to the moon and eventually explore Mars. The two projects require different skill sets, forcing NASA to keep space shuttle workers in place, while at the same time designing, building and testing new vehicles."

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Nervous twinges when plastic bags are seen at the gas pump....

Shelby Rushing gets nervous twinges every time she pulls over to get gas and sees plastic bags covering the pumps.

The bags have signaled another gas shortage in Conroe, although nothing to do with any future storms, like the ones that hit in August and September. It is because of the government mandated aswitch of the additive of 10% ethanol to be added to all gas. THe EPA has required dozen counties in the Harris and surrounding counties to sell only "reformulated gas" (RFG) because of the high ozone levels in their air. Because of this, many terminals have been off while setting up their ethanol injection systems. THe ethanol must be added at the gas stations, because it is too corrosive to be added through the pipeline.

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Want some cheap gas???

I dont know about any of you out there, but I am disgusted at the high prices of gasoline. Anything I can do to save a few cents (except drive a long way to GET the gas cheaply) on gasoline, I will do.

THis is a link to lower prices for gasoling if anyone interested....

Students receive minor injuries on bus ride home after being hit head on by a truck

Conroe students receive only minor injuries after, on their bus ride home, being struck by a truck head-on....

A bus was at a railroad crossing at Crockett-Martin Road in East County on Tuesday, and was hit head on when the driver of a truck slid across the tracks and hit the bus. Students only received minor injuries. Some were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

This is an indication of how safe our buses really are. To be hit head on and students only receiving minor injuries is a good thing!

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Neat Little Quanit Town Not Far From Here.....

Anderson , Texas

There is a neat little town not too far from Conroe, that brings fond memories to me. The name of the town is Anderson, Texas, and is home to where many of my relatives were born and grew up.

My great grandmother and grandfather settled there in the 1910's after coming over on the boat to Ellis Island. (The exact name of the boat I do actually have but it's packed away in my garage.) Anyway, they were very small when the families first moved there. My grandmother married my grandfather in 1926....she was only 14 years old! I think my grandfather was around 20 or so. They had 7 children, one of which died when she was 3.

Every few years we will have family get togethers in the area and it is so much fun to go driving down those old dirt roads. Sometimes we will see really old houses with rusted tin roofs.... SO COOL!

The town itself was originally names Fanthrop. THe population has never exceeded more than 500 - another amazing fact.......

The town itself is home to one of "the most visually pleasing courthouses in the state." It is encirlced by the road which wraps around the unique. I was always fascinated by the courthouse as a child. THe way it sits in the center of the tiny, and I do mean tiny, town, is remarkable!

The Courthouse in 1939..........

The Courthouse in 2002........

The Courthouse in 2004

For more information on this town and other sightseeing ideas it offers...check out this website!>>

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sex Education at THe Woodlands Hospital.....

Dr. Marra Francis, an ob/gyn will be at the Woodlands Memorial Hospital on April 18th from 6-8 pm. She will be lecturing "Worth the Wait ... What Every Parent and Teen Must Know" and will be in the hoospital's conference rooms A and B.

Francis said many parents and teenagers realize the inportance for information about sex from a medical perspective. Her seminars are free to the public and usually fill to capacity.

""many teenagers who engage in sex are unwittingly making a decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives. A lot of women who end up having infertility issues have had a sexually transmitted disease they don't know about.......the audiences usually consist of an even spread between males and females, adults and teenagers, although women usually bear the greater brunt of sexual consequences. For example, the toll of Chlamydia is the greatest among young women, according to the Centers for Disease Control. """""

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Voting in New Orleans....

Thousands are traveling back to their city of New Orleans from Texas and Atlanta on buses for early voting for mayor and city council in New Orleans.

The elections were originally set for February 4th, but were postponed because of the destruciton of hurricane Katrina.

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ACLU has filed a Freedom of Information Act request

writes the ACLU on their website........
The Bush Administration and Congress have refused to end the torture of detainees in our military custody and restore America's commitment to human rights. ""The abuses are the failure of our leaders who placed our troops in impossible situations, established policies that led to atrocities, encouraged those in command to look the other way, made young soldiers accountable while letting themselves off the hook, and then worked to hide the truth.""

I feel that this is a compelling article to read. It is informative and gives their standing on basically the war and the preservation of our liberties.

For more information on the American Civil Liberties Union, check out their website...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DeLay's Delay DeLayed...

Tom DeLay, the former House Majority Leader who announced Tuesday he will step down from his congressional seat and not seek re-election.

The Sugar Land Republican, under indictment for alleged illegal use of campaign funds, decided a week or two ago to step down.

It was said he's doing the right thing for the Republican Party and his family, with the millions he is facing in legal fees.

There has been some suspicion as to why he is doing it and some think he is holding a 'trump' card.

For more information on the Tom Delay's resignation please click on the following link:

Astros FEVER!

Well, it appears as though our WONDERFUL "B-STROS" are off to a winning start! To Kick-Off the season they hosted the Florida Marlins Monday night and won 1-0! They are playing the Marlins again tonight. And I am watching it right now... They are ahead 6-5 - top of the 9th....... count: 0 and 2 ... one more strike and it's two outs and one to go! and they win win win !!! Oh how I want to go to a game soooooooo much! Cabrera is up to bat. the count is 0 and 2. One more strike and they win! It's amazing how fast they throw the ball 97 mph. c'mon Astros! Well Cabrera got a hit..... Now Willingham is up.... Lidge throws and STTRRIIIIKKKKEEE..... then a foul ..............the count is 2 and 2..... it's 3 and 2...full count....Willingham gets a hit, but he also gets out on first base....

Well the Astros are now 2 and 0.

I watched the World Series last nailbiting season. My kids all wanted Astros shirts so, we drove almost everywhere to no avail. Academy said they were getting some in, but at 7 or some ridiculous time in the forget that! The only shirts they had were the $90. button up style and forget that!... so I think we'll start a little bit earlier this this weekend. :):)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Killer in Local Hospital

Murder suspect Jeffrey Clay Lassiter was back in the Montgomery County Jail Wednesday after a speedy recovery from an unknown illness-induced coma. He had been in the hospital since late February and as of March 24, his body had been in a deteriorating condition.

Lassiter is awaiting trial for the shooting death of college football player Kasey Davis, of Conroe. COnroe Regional Medical Center had asked the jail to take back Lassiter who was being fed intraveniously. However, Green said the jail and its infirmary lack the equipment to "deal with the patients on a feeding tube." In case you are wondering, they say there were guards outside of Lassiter's room keeping a watchful eye for at least two weeks.....Oh boy! at least two weeks.... this is comforting..... he was only there since the end of February!!!
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Pete and Repeat Missing

Someone broke into a cage at the Montgomery County Fair on Tuesday night and stole a siamese twin turtle! Owner John Strong is offering a $500 reward for the return of the turtle. The turtle is of sentimental value and also cannot survive without the proper diet. There is a one in 5 million chance a turtle will be born with two heads and a one in 15 million chance it will survive if born. Pat Crabtree, the owner of the fair's carnival does not think the preceeding is the case and feels it is some sort of publicity stunt, as Crabtree Carnival has not had any problems in the past. Anyone who has any information about the missing turtle should stop by the John Strong Sideshow located in the carnival behind the Montgomery County Fair Office and speak with John Strong.

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Texas Ghost Stories

Recently I read Texas Ghost Stories: Fifty Favorites for the Telling by Tim Tingle and Doc Moore. This is a wonderful book to read prior to going on your Spring campouts or overnight campfires with friends standing around by the fire. THe book includes 50 ghost stories, historical to contemporary. THe authors also give ideas on how to learn the ghost stories and how to tell them. They give ideas for adding more realism to the stories by encompassing the use of props such as sticks, drum sticks, or cow bones banging together or chains. This is an excellent book just for the enjoyment of it! I purchased the book at B. Dalton Books in The Woodlands Mall for $19.95.

For more information on this book please click on the following link:

Old Town Spring

Old Town Spring is a town originally built in the 1900's near the original railyards by the Great Northern Railroad. It evolved over the years to become a quaint town filled with a variety of shops where you will find, antiques, clothing, collectibles, accessories and gifts for all occasions.

Old Town Spring has five festivals each year: Springfest, Celebration of Easter, Texas Crawfish & Music Festival (my favorite), the Long Horn Rod Run, and Down Home Christmas.

The Texas Crawfish Festival should be coming up pretty soon so get your crawfish peelers ready!

Old Town Spring is located at the end of Spring Cypress Road (2920) in Spring, Texas, one mile east of I-45.

For more information about Old Town Spring or the festivals clock on the following link:

Montgomery County Fair

This is the 49th year for the Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo. The Fair is held in Conroe, Texas March 24th through April 2nd, 2006. It is located at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on 1484 in Conroe, Texas. Over 80,00 people are expected to attend the Fair this year. Part of the proceeds from the Fair go to benefit the youth in our area, giving over $827,000 in scholarships since 1993. They also have a barbecue cookoff of 120 particpants, live entertainment of some popular bands, a rodeo, petting zoo for the little ones, a carnival and much more fun for the whole family!

For more information on the fair, check it out at the following link:

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2006

The 'RodeoHouston' is ranked as the world's largest rodeo with over one million spectators annually. I was curious to see how the 'rodeo' and 'cowboy competitions' began so here is.......

A little bit of history......

Rodeo competition originally began in the late 1800's, with cowboys competing in informal, friendly competitions. The first 'official' cowboy competition was in 1936 - Boston - of all places!!!...

The rodeo cowboys, in that competition, were angry with the promoters in that they (the promoters) were the only ones gaining $$$ from the competition. The rodeo cowboys (contestants) refused to compete any longer until the prize money was used fairly; distribute prize money faiely, judge events equally, and advedrtise the sport accordingly. There were 60 cowboys in that group, and they becamse the Cowboy Turtles Association.

The association became the 'Rodeo Cowboys Association' in 1945 and in 1975 becamse the 'Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association'.

Today, the 'Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association' (PRCA) hosts over 700 rodeos across the nation, giving over $34 million in prize money and over 20 million spectators attend these functions.

Like the 'Olympics', the 'champions' compete in over 125 rodeos throughout the year to gain a spot in the 'National Finals Rodeo' (NFR).

The NFR hosts the top 15 competitors in each category going through 10 painstaking rounds for $4.5 million dollars and then on to 10 more painstaking rounds for a part of the $4.6 million in prize money.

The Rodeo Houston Event includes the top cowboys to compete in one of the best regular-season rodeos. Then, the top contestant in each category competes in 'Rodeo Houston'. In 2004, over 480 contestants competed for over $748,000.

Rodeo Houston is monitored by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the Women's Professional Rodeo Association, who insures that the rodeo is produced safely and professionally.

Rodeo Houston has been honored as the "Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Indoor Rodeo Committee of the Year" eight times.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is held in Reliant Stadium.

What's it all about?

Educational Support~~~~

The HLS&R (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo) benefits youth; supporting education and implements better agricultural practices through exhibitions. The first scholarship was given in 1957 and since that time, over $100 million in educational support and scholarships has been awarded.


Star Entertainment.......

Stars in the previous years that have performed in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and made record spectator turnouts were: Hillary Duff (2005 - 72,843 spectators), Kenny Chesney (2004- 70,668 & 2005 - 69,292), Alicia Keys (2005 - 72,063), and George Strait (2004-68,711), just to name a few.

I remember going as a child in the 70's. Some of the performances we attended were: The Osmonds in 1977, The Jackson Five in 1974, and of course, Elvis Presley in 1970 and 1974 (I still have my pin/badge with his picture from the 1974 show). We pretty much go every year; last year we saw Martina McBride (she puts on an excellent show!), Kenny Chesney, and Keith Urban. I cannot recall a time when we did not enjoy a show. All of the performers are great!

This year's lineup is great! Check it out.....
George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Sheryl Crow, Maze featuring FrankieBeverly & Raven, Martina McBride, Clay Walker, Robert Earl Keen & Cross Canadian Ragweed, John Fogerty, Toby Keith, Maroon5, Pat Green, Lee Ann Womack, Ramon Ayala & Jay Perez, LeAnn Rimes, Larry the Cable Guy & Cory Morrow, Alan Jackson, Hilary Duff, Lonestar, Brooks & Dunn and Gretchen Wilson.

For more infomation about the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo please click the following link:

Austin, Texas = "The Backyard"

"The Backyard" is an ampitheatre located in Austin, Texas. (13101 Highway 71 West Austin, TX 78738 ) It is Located in The Texas Hill Country surrounded by live oak trees that are over 400 years old!

The theatre hosts many varied artists such as Jimmy Buffett, Willie Nelson, and Sheryl Crow, and can seat over 5,000 people of all ages. It has a full bar and is open March-October. They also have nights with kids' activities and varied bands.

Upcoming shows include: Willie Nelson and Daryl Hall & John Oates

The ampitheatre is said to be "The Best Place To Hear Live Music" by "Citysearch" .

For More Information about "The Backyard" please click the following link:

Candidates Spending Limits Irrelevant In County Court At Law #3

The GOP race for County Court At Law #3 has begun an interesting debate over campaign contributions for judicial races.

The State Judicial Fairness Act requires candidates running for a Judicial Seat to spend no more than $200,000 on their campaign. The candidates must sign a paper to comply or not to comply -- (THAT IS THE QUESTION!!)).

Candidate Attorney Grady James refused the limits (they are voluntary), saying that it violated his first amendment right of 'freedom of speech'. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is a 'restriction on freedom of speech' to limit overall campaign spending.

His two opponents, Patrice MacDonald and Michael Valdez, agreed to the limits, but are now free, as well, to spend as much as they desire!

So what if a person wants to spend his own money on his OWN campaign!?

Of course he wants to win and I wish him the best of luck!

For more information on this please click on the following links:

The HCN Newspaper Online:
"Our View: voluntary judicial campaign spending limits -- well-intended, but unworkable and ultimately irrelevant in Court-at-Law 3 race."

Speech or not: Applying Election Law Strict Scrutiny to Campaign Finance Regulations:

NHBA - Bar Journal Issue:

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Could this be sexual harrassment at the Comptroller's Office?

William Donald Schaefer, the State Comptroller of Maryland, was brought a beverage by a young woman at a meeting of the Board of Public Works.
THe young woman had brought him a beverage, then walked to the door to exi8t, when Schaefer stopped her, made her come back to him and walk again to the door. hmmm..

"She's a pretty little girl," he said. "The day I don't look at pretty women is the day I die.", the 84-year old comptroller said. He did not apologize for his actions.
In the past, he has referred to women as 'little girls', although women who have worked for him liked being called that and said Schaefer was respectful to them.
For more information about this article please click on the following link:


Olga Pyleva was suspended Thursday for failing a doping related test. She is the first athlete to test positive at the Turin Games. She had won the silver medal on Monday, but had to forfeit after the testing was done. She had been considered a leading contender.
Four years ago, Pyleva had won the gold and bronze medals at the 2002 Salt Lake City games.

Doping testing are being done and over 1,200 samples are being tested at the Turin Games, versus in Salt Lake City 4 years ago, in which there has been a 72% increase since that time.

A dozen cross-country skiers were suspended for five days for high hemoglobin, which they consider health checks, although this could mean doping as well. Since that time, 7 have been retested and cleared, 1 retested and failed and the other 4 have not yet been cleared.
For more information on this story, please click on the following link:

"Blues" Mourning

February 9, 2006. This happened the other day, but I wanted to write about it because I really dont like Krispy Kreme doughnuts. "Krispy Kreme" was sued by another doughnut company "Lone Star Doughnuts". Although they apparently have six official locations around the Houston area (which will be closing down), I remember when Krispy Kreme doughnuts first appeared in the aisles at Kroger. Everyone talked about them like they were soooo good. Personally, I really, really don't like them. I think they are waayyyyy tooooo sweet and too 'perfect', if ya know what I mean..... I prefer the 'not-so-perfect' "Shipley' doughnuts. They come in a box (if you get 6 or more) and they are sooo good when they are warm!
To read more about the doughnut store closings, click on the following link....

Monday, February 13, 2006

Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 will slash Millions of Dollars from Texas Child Support Program

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says that the deficit reduction act of 2005 will slash hundreds of millions of dollars to run the Texas child support program. This will include incentive payments states receive for child support preformance as a match to get additional federal funds. Officials in Texas say the Bill will cost Texas more than $200 million between October 2007 and August 2010, which basically means a $2 billion dollar drop in child support collections.
For more information on this story please check out this website: