Sunday, February 12, 2006

Arthur Bond and The Worm

Obviously, if you take anything at face value, you may not see all there is too see...just like looking at the 'Mona Lisa' (this may be a somewhat inappropriate comparison between Arthur Bond and Mona Lisa - but, hey , I am a former art major/advertising/design -and we had to study all that stuff)...anyway......

So, when I began reading the William Goyen story - Arthur Bond' , I was a little 'grossed out' - but I knew there had to be a 'point' to all this 'madness'....about a worm in someone's leg.... that's not reality - so realizing that it WAS NOT reality, I probably put up an imaginary 'wall' to not let in the ability to feel 'grossed out' - Does that make sense?... sounds more like a metaphor to me!

I think 'the worm' in the story refers to what Arthur Bond is struggling with in his life... all the strongholds in his life that he cannot forget.... like it is said that 'a person pays for the sins of the father' - maybe he is trying to get on with his life and forget all the things he has been through in his life....and he drinks..... but cannot seem to 'forget the memories (or the worm) and that's what 'keeps him down' - so .... the worm is STILL there and wont go away.

Also, I think there's a bit of sexual overtones in the story. The worm symbolizes his 'masculinity' at the same time.

Although I have never read Goyen's other stories, and I had never heard of this author before this story... I enjoyed the story.... I like stories that make you think there is a hidden meaning... and you try to figure it out. I look forward to reading more of this author's stories!


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