Sunday, February 12, 2006

Glory Road - "You'll play basketball my way. My way is hard."

I recently took my kids and their friends to see the movie 'Glory Road' (PG - 1hr. 57 min).

'Glory Road' is a true story about an all black starting line-up basketball team in El Paso (Texas Western Univ) led by coach Don Haskins in 1966 (WOW - the year I was born) to the NCAA national championship.

Josh Lucas plays coach Don Haskins. I like Josh Lucas (He was also in 'A Beautiful Mind' - I was hooked on him in that movie) I think he does a good job portraying Don Haskins.

Don Haskins goes to El Paso and is given a coaching position in exchange for room and board (there on campus) along with a moderate salary. He takes along his wife and baby and they all live on campus.

He begins to recruit new players and those new players being black and locates them in the inner city (drives by basketball courts and sees the potential players playing within the city, etc. How he recruits the players and convinces their families to let them 'attend' college and play college basketball is revealing of the times this movie is portrayed.

In 1966, it was practically unheard of for black players to be on College Basketball teams, not to mention being starting line-ups, so Haskins' had his work cut out for him....

There are a few indications of the times in brief flashed of news as far as the civil rights movement and integration, but there could have been a few more.

There are a few threatening scenes; one encompasses a scene where the team is on the road and the enter a coffee-shop-type restaurant. One of the players goes to the restroom and is attacked by some white men, all the while the other players are sitting down to order/eat. Then the player which has been attacked comes out of the bathroom barely walking. Everyone in their group decided to leave the restaurant, and not pursue vendictive behavior.....

Another scene which was interesting was when the five white players attend a party with the 7 black players. This was interesting to sort of see the other side .... and a good scene for the movie's sake.

If you are interested in the Civil Rights Movement and that time era of integrated schooling, etc. this would be an excellent movie to see. Although it was said that this movie was not completely 'true to the facts', it was still a good movie!

Link to Civil Rights Movement


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