Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Tale of Two Alamos - A Comparison between the 1960 Movie Version and the 2004 Version

Davy's Death~

1960 Version - Davy Crockett was killed along side all the other men.

2004 Version - Davy was captured by Santa Anna and attacked only after Davy telling Santa Anna that 'he thought he was taller' - that was great!

Davy's Preaching~

There seemed to be more preaching by Davy in the 2004 version - maybe put in the story line to add more to Davy's character as he was not a 'consistent, loud, showy' type of character in the 2004 version as he was in the 1960 version - probably was so in the 1960 version because he was played by John Wayne - (love him!) and of course the star role must go to JW!

Relationship between Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie~

1960 Version - There seemed to be a bit more defiance and the characters were more cantankerous (right word?/right spelling?)

2004 Version - There was more mutual respect, I think. They were both trying to find out bits and pieces about the other one's life / way of thinking.

A Line In The Sand~

1960 Version- Although vague, it was not much different than the 2004 version; Bowie was in front of a crowd on a horse when Travis was speaking. Travis allowed the opportunity for those to leave (as Santa Anna allowed those to leave) - women, children, and those with families with noone else to care for them. Bowie stayed with Travis to defend the Alamo.

2004 Version - Travis indicates to all the men that those who stay to fight will most likely end in death. Almost all women and children left and Bowie's slave, Sam. Bowie is sick in bed, but hears him through window.

Bowie and his slave, Sam/Jethro (1960 version)~

1960 Version - The relationship between Bowie and his slave in the 1960 version I think was portrayed more cordial, because of the time in which the movie took place - the 1960's, and this was a time era in which we have the Equal Rights. etc. going on. I think the director's did it this way because they DID NOT want to show how bad it actually was back then for slaves. In this version, Bowie actually gives Jethro his 'walking papers' and sets him free.

2004 Version - I think in the 2004 version, the relationship between Bowie and his slave Jethro (was a different name) was more accurate than the 1960 version for the time frame that the movie portrayed. Although Bowie did not actually give Sam his walking papers, and said that he was only 'letting him go' temporarily and would come and find him after it was all over... although I think that he knew deep down that that was a lie ....

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