Sunday, February 12, 2006

Texas Longhrons Stadium to get $150 Million Facelift

While I am not an avid 'Football Fan' (anymore, although I USED to be - drill team in HS) and barely watched the game last Sunday, I will have to say CONGRATS! to our Texas Longhorns! This is quite an accomplishment for UT and certainly makes the stakes higher to get in to that college. Heck, my ex-husband is already planning to send our son there.... and he's only 9! something about a list.....??? ;p

It's a good thing to see Texas on the map with several championships in the past few years (or at least near-championships (ie: The Astros) Let's not forget the Rockets a few years ago and now the Longhorns. When I was in HS and thereafterwards, the 'in' college was A&M - but there are going to definitely take a back seat to UT. Go Longhorns!

For more information on the $150 Million Facelift for UT, see the following link:


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