Sunday, February 05, 2006

Tollroad User BEWARE!!!

I don't know if any of you folks out there are using the tollway at all or use it frequently, but beware......
The last time I used the tollway was back in July to take my flight attendant friend to the airport to go to work because her car would not start.... I would not have taken the tollway, but she paid for it... and even when I do use the tollway... which is very rare... I always get a receipt. :)
A month later I get this notice in the mail saying that I owe something like $35.50 for tollroad violations...basically 'not paying'.... and it was for THREE times. I thought this was funny first. THey sent a 'photo' (which you could not even make out the license plate!) and it was of the back of a truck similar to mine....but major differences.... you see.. I have a cover on the back of my truck and have had since I purchased it...the vehicle which 'violated' the payment was loaded with boxes. THey said I had gone through the tollway on three separate occasions and NOT PAID! Although I had 'no proof' for the first alleged 'violation', the other two times I allegedly 'violated' the tollroad, I was at work and at school, respectively. Of course, I called them (and was placed on hold for 23 minutes -- on my cell phone time of course) and explained to them that the only time I had used the tollroad in the past few months was to take my friend to work and I had a receipt, and the other two times I was at work and school and had the proof and would they like me to send the proof to them? Another thing that I pointed out to them, was the fact that it was not even my truck in the photo they sent with the violation/invoice and 'were they just randomly sending violations out to anyone in hopes that whomever received such 'tickets' would just pay them so they did not have to deal with going through the trouble of being on hold?? I explained to them that I do not use the tollroad but maybe once or twice a year, and to please not send me anymore bogus invoices.... so.....A month or so later I received yet another 'tollroad violation invoice' and this time it was for 5 (five) violations totaling over $50.00 (I dont remember the exact amount) but I could not believe they actually sent me another bill....So..... I called them yet again, placed on hold for about 25 mintues (cell phone time of course).... This time the bill was hilarious.... this time you COULD actually make out the licence plate. It was a truck alright... but the license plate in the photo was 86F LL2...... My license plate is 96F LL2... I asked them how they could make this mistake? Her response was a very non-chalant "it was a computer mistake ma'am." "The computer 'read' the photo wrong." I politely and calmly told her not to send me anymore bills for not paying toll fees... I do not use the tollway and if I get another invoice for this nonsense I would be contacting the better business bureau. I had again asked her 'do they just randomly send out bills to whomever.... etc." Basically I did not get upset about it because what is the point? But I have learned in today's world you almost have to have proof for everything you do.And....oh there's more..... I got yet another bill... this one was for $33.50 or something like that. And again, the license plate was very was off on the last digit this time....really... ((I will post the scans of the bills when I figure out how to do so...)) And again... I called them up, etc. etc. I still have the bills and they do actually take photos. You can tell that the photos are not my truck. I, speaking from first hand experience, know that they send bills to whomever the license plate 'close-estly' (sp?) resembles. So if you DO get a bill, check out the dates and look closely at the photo. I have a friend that did not /does not protest the invoices because they DO use the tollway alot. THey are watching their invoices more closely these days. I would be willing to bet that most, if not all, of those bills they receive are bogus!!! The tollway's billing system is in desperate need of improvement!!!! Moral.... If you DO use the tollway - SAVE YOUR receipts!!!


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