Sunday, February 12, 2006

"We Eat All We Can.... And We Sell The Rest..."

I wanted to write about something different and so.... since I like icecream and so do my kids..... I am writing about Blue Bell Ice Cream....

Blue Bell Creameries is the manufacturer of Blue Bell brand Ice Cream. They have been making the ice cream since 1911. Their corporate headquarters are in Brenham, Texas.

A little bit of history...

The Brenham Creamery Company opened for business in August , 1907. Their first product was butter. A small production of ice cream began in 1911, about one or two gallons a day. Word of mouth spread of how good the ice cream was, and they made more ice cream to keep up with the demand.

After many years of only selling it in Brenham, the company decided to sell it in Houston, and then on to Dallas, and all over Texas.

In 1989, they began to sell it in Oklahoma, and in the 1990's throughout the South Central and Souther US. In 1992, they started amnufacturing in Oklahoma and in 96, bought an ice cream plant in Alabama.

Blue Bell is the #3 best selling ice cream throughout the US, after Breyers and Dreyer's (I personally don't like them), although they were only selling ice cream in 16 states.

There are over 50 flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream. My personal favorites are: Homemade Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Blueberry Cheescake, King Cake (new wonderful flavor!) and a few others. Check out the new flavors they have now...

Blue Bell is considered somewhat of a Texas Institution, with families visiting the Brenham Blue Bell Plant, for an admission price (of course - everything costs money these days!). Each person gets a tour of the facility and samples at the end...yum, yum!!!

Check out the Blue Bell Website:


Blogger Lucy said...

What a great thing to write about! I grew up on Bluebell. I just read your comment on my page--I have no idea when you left it, but thank you for the comment on my writing style. It was very encouraging. You seem to have a knack for choosing interesting topics to write about.

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