Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sex Education at THe Woodlands Hospital.....

Dr. Marra Francis, an ob/gyn will be at the Woodlands Memorial Hospital on April 18th from 6-8 pm. She will be lecturing "Worth the Wait ... What Every Parent and Teen Must Know" and will be in the hoospital's conference rooms A and B.

Francis said many parents and teenagers realize the inportance for information about sex from a medical perspective. Her seminars are free to the public and usually fill to capacity.

""many teenagers who engage in sex are unwittingly making a decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives. A lot of women who end up having infertility issues have had a sexually transmitted disease they don't know about.......the audiences usually consist of an even spread between males and females, adults and teenagers, although women usually bear the greater brunt of sexual consequences. For example, the toll of Chlamydia is the greatest among young women, according to the Centers for Disease Control. """""

For more information on this topic please click the following link:http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=16455948&BRD=1574&PAG=461&dept_id=532215&rfi=6

Voting in New Orleans....

Thousands are traveling back to their city of New Orleans from Texas and Atlanta on buses for early voting for mayor and city council in New Orleans.

The elections were originally set for February 4th, but were postponed because of the destruciton of hurricane Katrina.

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ACLU has filed a Freedom of Information Act request

writes the ACLU on their website........
The Bush Administration and Congress have refused to end the torture of detainees in our military custody and restore America's commitment to human rights. ""The abuses are the failure of our leaders who placed our troops in impossible situations, established policies that led to atrocities, encouraged those in command to look the other way, made young soldiers accountable while letting themselves off the hook, and then worked to hide the truth.""

I feel that this is a compelling article to read. It is informative and gives their standing on basically the war and the preservation of our liberties.

For more information on the American Civil Liberties Union, check out their website...http://www.aclu.org/safefree/torture/index.html

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DeLay's Delay DeLayed...

Tom DeLay, the former House Majority Leader who announced Tuesday he will step down from his congressional seat and not seek re-election.

The Sugar Land Republican, under indictment for alleged illegal use of campaign funds, decided a week or two ago to step down.

It was said he's doing the right thing for the Republican Party and his family, with the millions he is facing in legal fees.

There has been some suspicion as to why he is doing it and some think he is holding a 'trump' card.

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Astros FEVER!

Well, it appears as though our WONDERFUL "B-STROS" are off to a winning start! To Kick-Off the season they hosted the Florida Marlins Monday night and won 1-0! They are playing the Marlins again tonight. And I am watching it right now... They are ahead 6-5 - top of the 9th....... count: 0 and 2 ... one more strike and it's two outs and one to go! and they win win win !!! Oh how I want to go to a game soooooooo much! Cabrera is up to bat. the count is 0 and 2. One more strike and they win! It's amazing how fast they throw the ball 97 mph. c'mon Astros! Well Cabrera got a hit..... Now Willingham is up.... Lidge throws and STTRRIIIIKKKKEEE..... then a foul ..............the count is 2 and 2..... ...now it's 3 and 2...full count....Willingham gets a hit, but he also gets out on first base....

Well the Astros are now 2 and 0.

I watched the World Series last nailbiting season. My kids all wanted Astros shirts so, we drove almost everywhere to no avail. Academy said they were getting some in, but at 7 or some ridiculous time in the morning...so forget that! The only shirts they had were the $90. button up style and forget that!... so I think we'll start a little bit earlier this year....like this weekend. :):)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Killer in Local Hospital

Murder suspect Jeffrey Clay Lassiter was back in the Montgomery County Jail Wednesday after a speedy recovery from an unknown illness-induced coma. He had been in the hospital since late February and as of March 24, his body had been in a deteriorating condition.

Lassiter is awaiting trial for the shooting death of college football player Kasey Davis, of Conroe. COnroe Regional Medical Center had asked the jail to take back Lassiter who was being fed intraveniously. However, Green said the jail and its infirmary lack the equipment to "deal with the patients on a feeding tube." In case you are wondering, they say there were guards outside of Lassiter's room keeping a watchful eye for at least two weeks.....Oh boy! at least two weeks.... this is comforting..... he was only there since the end of February!!!
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Pete and Repeat Missing

Someone broke into a cage at the Montgomery County Fair on Tuesday night and stole a siamese twin turtle! Owner John Strong is offering a $500 reward for the return of the turtle. The turtle is of sentimental value and also cannot survive without the proper diet. There is a one in 5 million chance a turtle will be born with two heads and a one in 15 million chance it will survive if born. Pat Crabtree, the owner of the fair's carnival does not think the preceeding is the case and feels it is some sort of publicity stunt, as Crabtree Carnival has not had any problems in the past. Anyone who has any information about the missing turtle should stop by the John Strong Sideshow located in the carnival behind the Montgomery County Fair Office and speak with John Strong.

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Texas Ghost Stories

Recently I read Texas Ghost Stories: Fifty Favorites for the Telling by Tim Tingle and Doc Moore. This is a wonderful book to read prior to going on your Spring campouts or overnight campfires with friends standing around by the fire. THe book includes 50 ghost stories, historical to contemporary. THe authors also give ideas on how to learn the ghost stories and how to tell them. They give ideas for adding more realism to the stories by encompassing the use of props such as sticks, drum sticks, or cow bones banging together or chains. This is an excellent book just for the enjoyment of it! I purchased the book at B. Dalton Books in The Woodlands Mall for $19.95.

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Old Town Spring

Old Town Spring is a town originally built in the 1900's near the original railyards by the Great Northern Railroad. It evolved over the years to become a quaint town filled with a variety of shops where you will find, antiques, clothing, collectibles, accessories and gifts for all occasions.

Old Town Spring has five festivals each year: Springfest, Celebration of Easter, Texas Crawfish & Music Festival (my favorite), the Long Horn Rod Run, and Down Home Christmas.

The Texas Crawfish Festival should be coming up pretty soon so get your crawfish peelers ready!

Old Town Spring is located at the end of Spring Cypress Road (2920) in Spring, Texas, one mile east of I-45.

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Montgomery County Fair

This is the 49th year for the Montgomery County Fair and Rodeo. The Fair is held in Conroe, Texas March 24th through April 2nd, 2006. It is located at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds on 1484 in Conroe, Texas. Over 80,00 people are expected to attend the Fair this year. Part of the proceeds from the Fair go to benefit the youth in our area, giving over $827,000 in scholarships since 1993. They also have a barbecue cookoff of 120 particpants, live entertainment of some popular bands, a rodeo, petting zoo for the little ones, a carnival and much more fun for the whole family!

For more information on the fair, check it out at the following link: