Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Astros FEVER!

Well, it appears as though our WONDERFUL "B-STROS" are off to a winning start! To Kick-Off the season they hosted the Florida Marlins Monday night and won 1-0! They are playing the Marlins again tonight. And I am watching it right now... They are ahead 6-5 - top of the 9th....... count: 0 and 2 ... one more strike and it's two outs and one to go! and they win win win !!! Oh how I want to go to a game soooooooo much! Cabrera is up to bat. the count is 0 and 2. One more strike and they win! It's amazing how fast they throw the ball 97 mph. c'mon Astros! Well Cabrera got a hit..... Now Willingham is up.... Lidge throws and STTRRIIIIKKKKEEE..... then a foul ..............the count is 2 and 2..... it's 3 and 2...full count....Willingham gets a hit, but he also gets out on first base....

Well the Astros are now 2 and 0.

I watched the World Series last nailbiting season. My kids all wanted Astros shirts so, we drove almost everywhere to no avail. Academy said they were getting some in, but at 7 or some ridiculous time in the forget that! The only shirts they had were the $90. button up style and forget that!... so I think we'll start a little bit earlier this this weekend. :):)


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