Saturday, April 01, 2006

Killer in Local Hospital

Murder suspect Jeffrey Clay Lassiter was back in the Montgomery County Jail Wednesday after a speedy recovery from an unknown illness-induced coma. He had been in the hospital since late February and as of March 24, his body had been in a deteriorating condition.

Lassiter is awaiting trial for the shooting death of college football player Kasey Davis, of Conroe. COnroe Regional Medical Center had asked the jail to take back Lassiter who was being fed intraveniously. However, Green said the jail and its infirmary lack the equipment to "deal with the patients on a feeding tube." In case you are wondering, they say there were guards outside of Lassiter's room keeping a watchful eye for at least two weeks.....Oh boy! at least two weeks.... this is comforting..... he was only there since the end of February!!!
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