Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pete and Repeat Missing

Someone broke into a cage at the Montgomery County Fair on Tuesday night and stole a siamese twin turtle! Owner John Strong is offering a $500 reward for the return of the turtle. The turtle is of sentimental value and also cannot survive without the proper diet. There is a one in 5 million chance a turtle will be born with two heads and a one in 15 million chance it will survive if born. Pat Crabtree, the owner of the fair's carnival does not think the preceeding is the case and feels it is some sort of publicity stunt, as Crabtree Carnival has not had any problems in the past. Anyone who has any information about the missing turtle should stop by the John Strong Sideshow located in the carnival behind the Montgomery County Fair Office and speak with John Strong.

For more information on this story please click on the following link:


Blogger Michelle said...

I wish I could have seen a two headed turtle... thats just too weird to imagine

8:24 PM  

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