Friday, May 05, 2006

Females and their firearms....

HPD statistics show a dramatic increase in crime in the Houston area. With this in mind, women in Texas, particularly Houston are takingup firearms for self protection.. Within the last 5 years ladies coming out for instructions has doubled.

Some women are keeping their firearms on them, while some are keeping them at home.

There 247,345 people in Texas with firearms. Almost 1/4 are women.

More and more sporting magazines, gun shops, etc. are cateirng to women. Experts say there is not guarantee they will knkow how to use them, they must take lessons.

Women may be more reluctant in the beginning to shoot, but after training, they are rapidly becoming better shooters.

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Montgomery County's Dumping Ground

The past few years have become a 'dumping ground' for dead bodies. Lt. Dan Norris said the area located off 3083 is dark and sparcely traveled. It is called crater lake area. The most recent body was found just today. The victim had papers indicating a Mexico address but a judge ruled to be caution of believing this information.

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Natural Bridge Caverns

Back in November I took a tour with my geology classmates to Austin. We visited Natural Bridge Caverns and it was quite a sight to see.

Natural Bridge Caverns is located betwen San Antonio and New Braunfels 8 miles west of I-35 at exit #175.

The cave was discovered in 1960 and is the largest commercial cave in Texas. There are several lakes and pools of clear water. THe cave is still an active cave so if you do visit be careful not to touch the formations. It is full of drperis, columns, stalagmites and stalactites which are formed by the minerals in the water dripping into the cave.

This is a fascinating sight and well worth the trip. FOr more information and pricing please click HERE.

8th Largest City in The United States

San Antonio, as of 2004, was ranked the eigth largest city in the United States. WOW! Houston was ranked #4, while Dallas ranked #9, a change from 4 years ago, when it ranked #8. New York still tops the top of the list with over 8 million people. Houston ranks in with a little more than 2 million. Can you imagine living in a city with 4 times as many people as in Houston. Can you imagine what "rush hour" would be if every person who worked had a vehicle... I guess that's why some people take 'a cab' when they live in New York.

With Texas having the three largest cities in the United States, it will kind of make you wonder what Houston will be in 20 years... or San Antonio.

I just thought it was kind of interesting so if you would like to learn more about the city rankings, check it out HERE.

This Day In History...


On May 5, 1981, Irish-Catholic militant Bobby Sands who was imprisoned dies after refusing food for 66 days while protesting his treatment as a criminal rather than a political prisoner by British authorities. His death immediately caused rioting in Belfast, as young Irish-Catholic militants clashed with police and British Army patrols and started fires.

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Eva Longoria's next film will be Deep In The Heart Of Texas in her home state for Touchstone Pictures.

Eva Longoria's next film will be Deep In The Heart Of Texas in her home state for Touchstone Pictures.

The movie is about a spoiled Beverly Hills diva who goes to San Antonio to run the Latin Division of an ad agency. She is completely out of touch with her roots and cannot speak Spanish. SHe tries to win over her boss who speaks fluent Spanish and is more in touch with her culture than she is.

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NASA needs to recruit new workers.....

NASA' workforce is slimming down and they do not have a plan in place to recruit new workers. Typically they hire people who have a few years of experience and older, more mature workers versus those right out of college.

The agency lacks a long-term plan for luring qualified workers to help send astronauts to the moon and Mars. "They actually don't have a strategy," said Daniel Hastings an MIT aeronautics professor, who co-chaired the panel of aerospace industry experts who wrote the report. "They're too focused on the short term."

"NASA's 18,400 workers, along with the tens of thousands of contract employees, face the end of the space shuttle program in 2010 and the development of next-generation vehicles that will allow astronauts to go back to the moon and eventually explore Mars. The two projects require different skill sets, forcing NASA to keep space shuttle workers in place, while at the same time designing, building and testing new vehicles."

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Nervous twinges when plastic bags are seen at the gas pump....

Shelby Rushing gets nervous twinges every time she pulls over to get gas and sees plastic bags covering the pumps.

The bags have signaled another gas shortage in Conroe, although nothing to do with any future storms, like the ones that hit in August and September. It is because of the government mandated aswitch of the additive of 10% ethanol to be added to all gas. THe EPA has required dozen counties in the Harris and surrounding counties to sell only "reformulated gas" (RFG) because of the high ozone levels in their air. Because of this, many terminals have been off while setting up their ethanol injection systems. THe ethanol must be added at the gas stations, because it is too corrosive to be added through the pipeline.

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Want some cheap gas???

I dont know about any of you out there, but I am disgusted at the high prices of gasoline. Anything I can do to save a few cents (except drive a long way to GET the gas cheaply) on gasoline, I will do.

THis is a link to lower prices for gasoling if anyone interested....

Students receive minor injuries on bus ride home after being hit head on by a truck

Conroe students receive only minor injuries after, on their bus ride home, being struck by a truck head-on....

A bus was at a railroad crossing at Crockett-Martin Road in East County on Tuesday, and was hit head on when the driver of a truck slid across the tracks and hit the bus. Students only received minor injuries. Some were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

This is an indication of how safe our buses really are. To be hit head on and students only receiving minor injuries is a good thing!

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Neat Little Quanit Town Not Far From Here.....

Anderson , Texas

There is a neat little town not too far from Conroe, that brings fond memories to me. The name of the town is Anderson, Texas, and is home to where many of my relatives were born and grew up.

My great grandmother and grandfather settled there in the 1910's after coming over on the boat to Ellis Island. (The exact name of the boat I do actually have but it's packed away in my garage.) Anyway, they were very small when the families first moved there. My grandmother married my grandfather in 1926....she was only 14 years old! I think my grandfather was around 20 or so. They had 7 children, one of which died when she was 3.

Every few years we will have family get togethers in the area and it is so much fun to go driving down those old dirt roads. Sometimes we will see really old houses with rusted tin roofs.... SO COOL!

The town itself was originally names Fanthrop. THe population has never exceeded more than 500 - another amazing fact.......

The town itself is home to one of "the most visually pleasing courthouses in the state." It is encirlced by the road which wraps around the unique. I was always fascinated by the courthouse as a child. THe way it sits in the center of the tiny, and I do mean tiny, town, is remarkable!

The Courthouse in 1939..........

The Courthouse in 2002........

The Courthouse in 2004

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