Friday, May 05, 2006

NASA needs to recruit new workers.....

NASA' workforce is slimming down and they do not have a plan in place to recruit new workers. Typically they hire people who have a few years of experience and older, more mature workers versus those right out of college.

The agency lacks a long-term plan for luring qualified workers to help send astronauts to the moon and Mars. "They actually don't have a strategy," said Daniel Hastings an MIT aeronautics professor, who co-chaired the panel of aerospace industry experts who wrote the report. "They're too focused on the short term."

"NASA's 18,400 workers, along with the tens of thousands of contract employees, face the end of the space shuttle program in 2010 and the development of next-generation vehicles that will allow astronauts to go back to the moon and eventually explore Mars. The two projects require different skill sets, forcing NASA to keep space shuttle workers in place, while at the same time designing, building and testing new vehicles."

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