Friday, May 05, 2006

Neat Little Quanit Town Not Far From Here.....

Anderson , Texas

There is a neat little town not too far from Conroe, that brings fond memories to me. The name of the town is Anderson, Texas, and is home to where many of my relatives were born and grew up.

My great grandmother and grandfather settled there in the 1910's after coming over on the boat to Ellis Island. (The exact name of the boat I do actually have but it's packed away in my garage.) Anyway, they were very small when the families first moved there. My grandmother married my grandfather in 1926....she was only 14 years old! I think my grandfather was around 20 or so. They had 7 children, one of which died when she was 3.

Every few years we will have family get togethers in the area and it is so much fun to go driving down those old dirt roads. Sometimes we will see really old houses with rusted tin roofs.... SO COOL!

The town itself was originally names Fanthrop. THe population has never exceeded more than 500 - another amazing fact.......

The town itself is home to one of "the most visually pleasing courthouses in the state." It is encirlced by the road which wraps around the unique. I was always fascinated by the courthouse as a child. THe way it sits in the center of the tiny, and I do mean tiny, town, is remarkable!

The Courthouse in 1939..........

The Courthouse in 2002........

The Courthouse in 2004

For more information on this town and other sightseeing ideas it offers...check out this website!>>


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